Educational Game Options For Your Website

Educational games are a great addition to your website.

From your student’s point of view, it gives them a fun and engaging way to reinforce and extend their learnings.

From your point of view, a happy student is well on his way to being a successful student.

And from a business point of view, happy students will spread the word and encourage new students, games will encourage students to stay on your site for longer and games will also attract new potential students to your site.

Four Educational Game Options

We know that every teacher, tutor, school and other educators will have different requirements when it comes to adding games to their sites. We have strived to create a series of game options which should cover every need, whether you are simply looking for a set of games you can add to your site ‘as is’ or whether you want to jump in and start creating educational games from scratch.

Off-The-Peg Games

Our ‘off-the-peg’ games are designed for people who want to put a set of games onto their site and who aren’t worried about customization. This is a great option if you are wanting to try some games on your site before moving to a more customized option.

Off-the-peg games in a nutshell:

  • Easy to install with our free game loader (WordPress only)
  • No branding (neither Edugamery or your own)
  • General and generic vocabulary and grammar content
  • Instantly available once the transaction is complete
  • No additional software/applications required

Customized Games

With our customized game service, we will customize our off-the-peg games for you. We will change the wordlists/content to match your requirements, we will add your logo to the game and also add links in the game (where appropriate) to supporting material on your website.

The customized games are great for supporting learning material in your courses and classes. They are a great alternative or addition to worksheets.

Our customized games are delivered within 48 hours (during weekdays).

Customized games in a nutshell:

  • Delivered within 48 hours (weekdays)
  • Customized with your wordlist/content, your logo and links to other resources (if required)
  • Easy to load to your site with free game installer (WordPress)
  • Available in cost-saving packages
  • No additional software/applications required

Game Templates

Our game templates have been designed so you can further customize and develop the games. You can change everything from graphics and sound through to game play. Each template comes with an in depth tutorial showing how to customize the templates plus ideas for how you can develop the templates to create a variety of games.

You can create limitless numbers of games with each template.

You will require Construct 3, an excellent game making platform, in order to edit the game templates. Some of our game templates can be edited with the free version of Construct 3, others require the paid for version. The paid version of Construct 3 is highly featured and we very much recommend it.

Game templates in a nutshell:

  • Allow you to customize the templates with your own graphics, sound etc
  • Create unlimited games from the templates
  • Requires Construct 3 in order to edit the templates (the paid for version is around $100 a year – the cost varies by location)
  • Each template comes with a full tutorial showing how to edit the templates

Educational Game Making Course

If you want to start creating your own educational games from scratch, our future educational game making course will be just the thing!

This is planned for later in 2020 and our goal is to teach you how to create a variety of eduational games your students will love.

You will require a paid for version of Construct 3 to take the course (however we will be offering an intro course which uses the free version so you can test the water before committing).

This is the perfect solution for someone who has wanted to make educational games but hasn’t been sure where to start.

  • Course coming later in 2020
  • Comprehensively covering all aspects of educational game making
  • Will require the paid for version of Construct 3
  • Suitable for complete beginners