‘Off-The-Peg’ Educational Games for Your Website

Add games to your website with our ‘off-the-peg‘ games. These are games which include key vocabulary and core grammar structures suitable for beginner English language learners, but are not customized in any way. What you see is what you get!!!

Our off-the-peg games are ideal for testing whether games are right for your students or if you are looking or a low cost game option.

However, you can also buy one of our customizable games, which will allow you to customize a game with your own vocabulary, audio, graphics etc (the customizable features will depend on the game).

To check out our customized game service click HERE.

Off-The-Peg HTML5 Educational Games

Our off-the-peg games are available for instant download. Our free game installer (for WordPress) means that loading and installing a game on your site takes just a click of a button.

You will see we have a range of games available in our off-the-peg range, including popular ‘hangman’ style games, memory games and more!

Request an Educational Game!

We’re very keen to understand what type of educational games you would like to see. If you have any suggestions for games you’d like to see us offer just fill in our game suggestion form 🙂

Educational Game Packages from EduGamery

Whether you want a package of ready-made games to add to your site, games customized with your own wordlists, templates you can develop into a range of game types or even to learn how to create educational games from scratch, we have you covered!.

Here are our four different options:

  • Off-The Peg Games – (these are the games discussed on this page)
  • Customized Games – customize our off-the-peg educational games with your own wordlists, logo etc to create games which dovetail into your teaching resources
  • How To Make Educational Computer Games Course – learn how to create educational computer games from scratch