Find the Object

Highly replayable and great for reinforcing vocabulary.

Suitable for all ages, including pre-readers.

Games can range from very simple through to more puzzling games.

Spot the object games are another set of highly versatile games which are suitable for all ages, from pre-readers through to adults. The games vary in complexity, however the basic premise of the game remains the same.

How to Play

The player must find the correct object as identified by either a written word or audio cue. The player will click or tap on the correct object. 

Types of Games

Spot the object games are fun and suitable for all ages. The objects may be easy to find or more difficult such as in a ‘hidden object’ game. 

The games can be spiced up for older players with the addition of countdown timers and highscores.  

Customization Options

Memory games can be customized as follows: