‘Stealth’ Learning Games

‘Real games’ with learning content sneakily hidden throughout.

Perfect for even the most reluctant of learners.

Quests and challenges will keep students engaged.

‘Stealth learning games’ are games where initial focus of the game is the gameplay, such as avoiding obstacles or jumping from platform to platform with secondary challenges and bonuses being introduced with a learning theme. 

Almost any 2d arcade style game can be adapted in this way. These games are particularly good for older learners.

How to Play

This will depend on the style of game, however all games are played using either mouse or touch input making the suitable for mobile and desktop devices.

Types of Games

The types of games range from Space Invader style games through to games inspired by modern classics such as Flappy Birds and Doodle Jump.

Customization Options

Quizzes games can be customized as follows:

Change vocabulary and images

Change/add sound