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Add Educational Computer Games to YOUR Website

Add computer games to your website, blog or membership to give your students fun and engaging ways to reinforce and expand on their learning.

Our educational computer games are simple to load to your site, can be played on any device, whether with mouse/keyboard or touch controls and have been designed specifically to reinforce classroom learning.

Check out the different options we have available, whether you are looking for ready made games for your website or wanting to learn how to create your own educational games.


'Off-the-peg' games are ready for you to load and for your students to play. These games have no customization and use our wordlists and content.

Customized Educational Games

Let us customize our 'off-the-peg' games to include your own words, logo, links etc to compliment other resources on your site.

Educational Game Templates

Fully customize games with our game templates. Change music, graphics, game play etc to create unique games for your students.

Learn How to Create Your Own Games

Learn how to create your own games from scratch with our educational game making courses. Create a variety of games for your website.

EduGamery Games

Add computer games to your website, blog or membership to give your students fun and engaging ways to reinforce and expand on their learning PLUS ensure your students stay on your website or within your membership area.

Make Learning Fun

Educational games are a great way to help students learn. Use games to help reinforce and extend their classroom learning. Games are also a great additional resource for homeschoolers, private tutors and anyone looking to make education and learning a little more fun!

Play On All Devices

Our games are in HTML5 format, which means they can be loaded onto almost every website and played offline as well as online. Our free game loader will let you upload a game to your WordPress website at the touch of a button! The games will be responsive and can be played on any device which can access your site.

Safe, Secure and Child Friendly

While there are a plethora of educational game portals out there – many are packed full of ads, pop-ups or inappropriate material. When you add a teacher-created game from EduGamery to your website, you can guarantee your students that there will be no nasty surprises. 

Educational Games Made Easy!

Our aim at EduGamery is to make including educational games as part of your teaching resources simple and straightforward. We know that as an educator, you don’t have the time or don’t want to make the costly investment into creating your own games.

This is why we have created our educational games templates and services to give you games for your teaching website whether you want to be completely handsoff and use our off-the-peg games or roll your sleeves up and start creating your own games from scratch!

Off-The-Peg Games for Your Website

Our off-the-peg games are ready for you to load to your website. You will find everything provided in one zip file. Just use our free game loader to upload the game to your WordPress site (support for other platforms coming soon).

EduGamery off-the-peg games are suitable for learners of all levels and feature games helping to reinforce the learning of basic English vocabulary, grammar and mathematics.

Customizable Educational Games

Add your own word lists (for example swap out our English words for another language or change the vocabulary topic) with our customized game option or learn how to customize our game templates where you can add your own graphics, sound and adapt the game play (think how cool it would be to add your own voice or the voice of your students or use your own artwork). 

Alternatively, if you want to start creating your own bespoke educational games, why not take one of our educational game making courses, which will provide even non-techies with all they need to start making educational games, without having to learn complicated coding languages or navigate complicated game-making engines.

Why Add Educational Game to Your Web site?

We know that games are a great learning resource and provide an interesting and engaging experience for learners. However, for you, as a provider of a learning program there are several very good reasons to add educational games to your website.

Try It For Free!

Do you have a WordPress website and want to try an educational game on your site for free? We have a summer-themed ‘hangman’ style game (featuring friendly crabs) which is suitable for young and beginner learners of English.

Easy to Load to Your Site

The free game is super-simple to load to your site. We provide you with a free game installer which will load the game to your WordPress site at the touch of a button!

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