Welcome to EduGamery! My name is Kate Pullen and you may know me as the designer behind Away With The Pixels clipart (which you will find on my site and at Teachers Pay Teachers) and the owner of Make Breaks where I share free printables. I run both sites along side teaching English as a second language to native Spanish speakers.

EduGamery has been long in the planning! I started making computer games for my students in 2010 as a way to keep students engaged and to give them a more interactive form of learning material. I enjoyed making games and started selling finished games on Teachers Pay Teachers.

It has long been an aim of mine to teach educational game making to others and to provide customizable templates for teachers and educators to use to create games tailored for their students. I know the very real benefit that providing games to students brings – both to the student and the teacher. I also know from a website owner’s point of view, having games on the site increases both the time a student stays on the page and the number of visits they make.

Get In Touch

If you have a question about EduGamery or about my plans for the site moving forward, do get in touch!