Customized Educational Games for Your Website

If you are looking for a low cost way to have customized educational games for your website, our customized game service is just the thing!

Our EduGamery customized games will give you the opportunity to customize our ‘off the peg’ games. For example, you may want to swap out English words for another language or change the questions in a quiz. Using our customizable games, you can even change the graphics. Why not use graphics your students have created to really involve them in the game.

You will customize the games with an easy-to-use editor and the finished games are simple to upload to your site. The finished games can be embedded into pages on any website platform. You can offer this as a paid-for option behind a membership wall if required.

How EduGamery Customized Games Work

Choose one or more game packages from our site. You will see the customization options vary by game type. With some of our vocabulary games you can change audio as well as the text files and with our quizzes, you can swap images and questions.

Our customizable games allow you to change the content, but not the game play. For example, you can change word lists, but not change a drag and drop game to a bubble pop game. However, if you have a request for a specific game, do get in touch!

HTML5 Games

EduGamery games are in an HTML5 format. This means they are incredibly flexible and can be viewed on any device. Students can play the game directly within your website which means you know your students are staying in a safe online environment.

Educational Game Packages from EduGamery

Whether you want a package of ready-made games to add to your site, games customized with your own wordlists, templates you can develop into a range of game types or even to learn how to create educational games from scratch, we have you covered!.

Here are our four different options:

  • Off-The-Peg Games – our off-the-peg games are ready for you to load to your website with no customization
  • Customized Games – these are the games which are discussed on this page.
  • Game Templates – our game templates allow you to completely customize and expand on our templates to create unlimited games (each template comes with tutorials showing how to use that template)
  • How To Make Educational Computer Games Course – learn how to create eduational computer games from scratch