Memory Match Games

Ideal for self checking and reinforcing vocabulary for all age groups.

A great brain training game for all ages which can be used for a wide variety of topics.

Highly customizable to create unique player experience.

Memory games are an old favourite and remain popular with both students and teachers – because they work! These games are HIGHLY customizable. The addition of audio helps students hear the sound of the words after they have matched them.

How to Play

The player must remember the positions of pairs of objects and turn over cards to match the pairs. These games can be spiced up with the addition of a countdown timer and highscore. 

Types of Games

Memory games are extremely flexible. The types of memory game range from games with just four cards to match, suitable for very young players through to games where players have to match 12 or 16 pairs and try to beat the clock.

However, where memory games really come into their own is with the customization options. Why not get students to create their own drawings to help reinforce learning further or use photos of items they will relate to.

Customization Options

Memory games can be customized as follows: