Educational Games Portfolio

We’re pleased to provide a fast growing range of customizable games. These games are easy to customize using the editor on your game dashboard or you can provide us with the information to change for you. You can change the content of the games so it is aligned completely with your own curriculum, content or lesson plans.

Change the Language and Vocabulary

These games can be customized to follow your curriculum or lesson plans. Change our placeholder vocabulary with your own, swap out images and change the audio tracks if required using your own topics and themes.

Change the Images

Many of our games include images which relate to the content and you can also change these to include your own graphics. In some games, you can change graphics for images children have drawn themselves or photos they will be familiar with.

Change the Audio

Audio can also be changed in games. Therefore, instead of our standard voices, you could record your own voice or even record the voices of your students. You don’t need to be a sound recordist or have lots of expensive equipment to do this, just a smartphone and a free application is all that’s needed to create your own audio content for games.

Note: When we refer to ‘content’ above, we mean images and audio which relate the content of the game. Therefore, in a ‘spot the object’ game, the graphics and audio which relate to the vocabulary can be changed, however the background image or the sound of the button click can’t.

Types of Games

We’ve broken our games down into categories and have included playable examples. It’s important to note that we won’t be making just one type of game available in each category. It is our plan to add to these games monthly to ensure there is always something new and engaging for your students.

Tappy/clicky games are ideal for the youngest of learners (although they also provide a meditative experience for older learners too). These games are played by simply tapping or clicking the screen. We have created a range of tappy/clicky games which are suitable for pre-readers.

For more information about tappy/clicky games and some playable examples see here – TAPPY/CLICKY GAMES

This is an extremely versatile game type and one that is suitable for learners of all ages. These games provide a fun self-checking tool for learners as well as being fun to play. We have very simple games which are perfect for young learners, while the addition of enemies and countdown timers enhance the game play for older learners.

Drag and drop games can be used for a whole range of content including vocabulary, grammar and mathematics.

For more information about drag and drop games along with examples see here – DRAG AND DROP GAMES.

With child-friendly graphics our ‘shooting’ games entail directing fun missiles (for example carrots or cakes) at the correct object. These are games which are highly versatile and work well as a self-checking tool as well as engaging game. These games are suitable for all but the littlest of learners.

For more information and playable examples see here – SHOOT THE OBJECT games.

These are another great game for self-checking vocabulary and also is great for learning and checking grammar. Find the object games vary in complexity and are suitable for all ages of learners.

For more information and playable examples see here – FIND THE OBJECT GAMES.

No educational game set can be complete without memory games! They need little in the way of introduction, however they are highly adaptable and are suitable for all ages of learners.

For more information and playable examples see here – MEMORY GAMES.

Word games include wordsearch, missing letter games and word scrambles, crosswords and hangman style games. These are ideal for older learners and appeal strongly to puzzle fans. Word games are particularly quick and easy to customize.

For more information and playable examples see here – WORD GAMES.

Quiz games take many forms, ranging from recognizable quizzes to games which have a question and answer component. These games are suitable for learners of all ages and are almost endlessly customizable.

For more information and playable examples see here – QUIZ GAMES.

‘Stealth’ learning games are games where the learning element is sneaked into the game. With our other games, the learning element if front and foremost. It is impossible to play the game without engaging in some way with the learning element. However, with our ‘stealth’ games, we’ve hidden the learning element as challenges or quests within a game as you will see in our example.

This is perfect for older or reluctant learners! For more information and a playable example see here – STEALTH’ LEARNING GAMES.

Request a Game or Commission a Bespoke Game!

If you have a particular idea for a game in mind which you don’t see here, you can either add it to our ‘to do’ list or, if it’s a highly specialized game which is unlikely to appeal to others, why not commission a bespoke game!

Contact us for more information.