Word Games

A variety of game adaptable to any topic and any age.

Fun and engaging games which are highly replayable.

Particularly attractive to puzzle fans.

word games range from interactive wordsearch games through to hangman, missing vowel games and word unscrambles. Word games are perfect for helping the student become familiar with the patterns of words in English and other languages.

These games are perfect for a wide range of student and will appeal to puzzle fans.

How to Play

The word games are played in a variety of ways, depending on the game. One of the key objectives is to ensure the games are repeatable without the player becoming bored.

Games such as wordsearch are made more challenging by using images instead of vocabulary.

Types of Games

There are a whole variety of word games and these are ideally suited to helping students with vocabulary. A range of games can be created from the same vocabulary list, ensuring students don’t become bored.

Customization Options

Quizzes games can be customized as follows:

Example Games