What payment methods do you take?

We take PayPal and Stripe.

When will I receive my games?

Our off-the-peg games are available instantly payment is completed. Our customized games will be delivered within 48 hours (during weekdays).

About the Games

Are your games educational?

Can I commission a suite of games from you? / Can you replace the Flash games on my site?

Certainly! Just get in touch and send us your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Yes! All of our games are educational games. We do not ‘dress up’ general arcade games as being educational. Our games are created using experience from 15+ years of teaching.

What do you mean by educational games?

We mean that all of our games can be used to help teach, reinforce and extend the learning of English by students of all ages.

Can I customize the game?

Yes, we have different levels of customization services available, ranging from simply adding your own wordlists through to game templates you can use as the base for unlimited games.

Can you make a <insert your favourite game here 😉 > style game?

We’re pleased to hear your ideas for new game types. If you are asking us to create a Fortnite style game the answer will probably be no!! However, if you have an idea for an arcade style game or another style game which can be adapted to educational use, we’d love to hear it!

What age are your games suitable for?

Our games are suitable for all ages. Where a game is more or less suitable for a certain age group (games that involve spelling, for example, are unlikely to be suitable for pre-schoolers and correspondingly games which feature cute teddies will be unlikely to appeal to teens) we will make sure it is clear. However, where possible, we aim to keep the games as general as possible to appeal to a wide range of students.

Do your games feature diversity in graphics and characters?

At EduGamery, we embrace diversity. Our aim is to ensure that all students, regardless of color, religion or background, can relate to and feel comfortable playing our games.


Does the EduGamery logo appear on the games?

The EduGamery logo does not appear on our paid for games, however it does appear on our free games. Your own logo can be used on our Customized Game and Game Template services.

Can I brand the game with my brand (over and above changing the logo)

If you want to fully brand a game, for example with your own music, voices, brand mascot etc, you can contact us for a quote or use our game templates which you can completely customize to make any number of games.

Can the games be used in a private area for my students?

Yes! If you have a private membership area for your students on your WordPress site, you can simply add the games to the membership area rather than the public area if you prefer.

Can I charge extra, for example a premium membership fee, for access to the games?

When you purchase games from EduGamery, you are free to charge a premium, install the games in a membership area on your site, request students login or register before playing the games – it’s your choice 🙂

Is there advertising in the games?

No, there is not any advertising in the game. However, you can place advertising along side your game (as you would any other content on your site). We can add links to appropriate material on your site (for example further resources about the topic).


What do I need to install EduGamery games on my website?

If you have a WordPress site, our installer will load the games for you. If you want to check it out and try before you buy, you will find we have a free ‘hangman’ style game you can install on your site here – FREE HANGMAN STYLE GAME.

Are the games resposive and can be viewed on any device?

Yes! The games are in html5 format and can be viewed and played on both desktop/laptop computers and played with a mouse as well as tablets and phones where they can be played with touch controls.

Do I need any additional software or applications?

If you want to use our ‘off-the-peg’ games and the customized games, you do not need any additional software.

However, in order to edit our templates or learn to make games from scratch you will require Construct 3, which is an excellent game making platform. Some of our games can be edited using the free version of Construct 3, however, others require the full license which is around $100 a year (the price depends on location). This will allow you to create unlimited games for your site.


Are the games safe?

Safety and a secure environment are two of the key reasons why we started to make educational computer games back in 2009. Finding educational game portals which featured inappropriate content and aggressive advertising or games which contained ads or links to sites over which we had no control were just two of the reasons why we wanted to make our own games. None of our games ask for any private information from students.