Drag and Drop Games

Ideal for self checking and reinforcing vocabulary and grammar.

Drag and drop game mechanics suitable for all ages.

Highly versatile, suitable for all ages and all topics.

Drag and drop games are great for reinforcing vocabulary and grammar plus are a fun way to self-check learning. Audio helps students recognize the sounds of words. 

How to Play

Drag and drop games require the player to drag an object into the correct position. This is likely to be matching words to pictures and are a great addition to a variety of lessons. Drag and drop games also work well with ‘gap fill’ exercises.

Types of Games

Drag and drop games are highly versatile. These games are suitable for any age and can be ‘spiced up’ with challenges, timers, points and high scores to appeal to older learners. One of the key benefits of these games is that they help with self-checking. 

Using the drag and drop game mechanics, these games are custom developed depending on age group and learning level. These games can be used to practice grammar as well as vocabulary (for example, ‘drag the apple to the tallest boy’).

Customization Options

Drag and drop games can be customized as follows: