Harness the power of video games to create custom learning experiences that engage and delight your students

With more and more teachers online, customized video games make your lessons stand out from the crowd

EduGamery provides educational game templates for you to customize for YOUR students.  We teach you how to make fun and engaging html5 games which you can load to your WordPress website or blog for your students to enjoy.

Our games are 2d ‘arcade’ style games, quizzes, puzzles and other games which are designed to engage students of all ages.

EduGamery educational game templates are designed to make game making simple and straight forward. No coding required!

Language Teachers & Tutors

Add computer games to your blog or website to give your students engaging ways to reinforce their learning.

Create custom games to tailor make games for your student’s needs.

Home Schoolers

Give your learners access to educational games to help reinforce their learning while also having fun! 

Customize games to complement your teaching or which will appeal to your little ones. 


Computer games are a great way to both attract new visitors to your blog as well as increase the time spent on the page. Features such as leaderboards and giving players the opportunity to share their scores will help build your pageviews while offering a valuable experience to your visitors.

Learn How to Customize Games for YOUR Students

Our EduGamery game templates will allow you to create customized games for YOUR students. Customize and personalize the games with your own graphics, word lists, your own audio – add links to learning resources on your website or share button and so much more!

Create a fun and engaging games to help learning whether it is in class or while students are learning from home-

Safe and Ad-Free Games

Our educational game templates are safe and ad-free. There are no worries about links to external sites over which you have no control or annoying and overpowering ads.

Our game templates will allow you to customize games for all age groups, from little learners to adults students.

Responsive Online Games

Our games are responsive, this means students can access the games online via a computer, tablet or mobile device.

This is perfect for distance learning.

An unlikely game maker...

My name is Kate and I am the unlikely game maker behind EduGamery! I started making educational games in 2010 when, as a long serving English teacher, I realized that I could engage my students better with tailored and focussed games which mirrored their lessons and learning objectives.

However, I also found that although there are some great educational game portals out there – there are also some that are deeply dodgy with heavy ads, pop ups and inappropriate content.

I therefore started creating games for my own students and later created games for other teachers (TPT). 

My goal with EduGamery is to help other educators create custom computer games without having to learn how to code

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