Quiz Games

Question and answer games suitable for all ages and topics.

Introduce levels and rounds to keep players engaged.

Can be used as extension activities.

Quiz are an extremely versatile type of game. At one end of the scale, they are great for self-checking, for example checking vocabulary. At the other end of the scale, they are ideal for extension activities, using quizzes to challenge general knowledge while also reinforcing grammar. Quizzes can be spiced up with countdown timers, high scores, play against a friend and more!

How to Play

The game play will depend on the type of quiz. However, in most quizzes the player will select the correct answer to a question.

Types of Games

There are a whole variety of quizzes that can offer a fun learning experience to a wide range of students. These can range from simple ‘what is it’ picture puzzles through to ‘Jeopardy’ style games. 

Quizzes can also be set up so players play against each other.

Customization Options

Quizzes games can be customized as follows:

Example Games